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We create a dynamic ecosystem that empowers individuals to lead with courage, authenticity, resilience and purpose.

Courage and confidence are not innate, they are skills that
are learnt and practiced over time.

Join us for inspiration, upliftment, and a deep dive to approach challenges differently. 

With wholehearts, we deliver bespoke interventions, equipping our attendees to navigate transformative change with ease.

rising strong retreat held in the barossa valley and based on the wisdom of brene brown


Strong™ Retreat

Are you ready to be brave, lean into vulnerability, and rise to the challenges that come with living an intentional, empowered life, all while indulging in the exquisite cuisine of the award-winning Barossa Valley wine and food region?

Our ‘Renew, Refresh, Rise Strong™ Retreat’ is the perfect gift to yourself. We work to connect your values and aspirations, discover physics of vulnerability and the shields that hold you back, practice strategies for reckoning with emotion and anxiety and learn to live BIG with Boundaries, Integrity and Generosity, plus loads more. Over two and a half days you will be guided by certified Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ facilitators Anna Ranaldo and Juliette Ransley (Clinical Pyschologist).

Delivery Options:

  • Public Retreat
rising strong retreat held in the barossa valley and based on the wisdom of brene brown


Personality and Leadership Profiling

Facet5 is a psychometric assessment tool that allows us to measure individual or team personality profiles in order to realise untapped potential.

Our personality is unique to us all and influences how we show up within our relationships, communities, and teams.

Facet5 offers you the opportunity to:

  • Investigate and understand how your personality drives your life and work choices.
  • Understand your personal preferences, the strengths and risks and consciously choose your behaviours to align to your values, motivations and or the needs of your work
  • Profile your team to improve collaboration, teamwork or psychological safety.
  • Learn how to build personal resilience and wellbeing.
  • Communicate with others from a place of authenticity and confidence.

Facet5 is supported by individual coaching and or team profiling (where requested).

Other psychometric tools available include LSI, Hogans, Leadership Circle, and SEQ EQ.



At Collective Courage we believe everyone has the capacity to be authentic, real and brave. Coaching is a powerful way to identify your goals and key values. Our certified coaches work with you to examine any barriers that may block your energy and confidence.  Or, your ability to live your best life or lead others effectively.

Using a strengths-based approach our coaching draws on multiple disciplines and is tailored to your needs (in person or virtual).

Our certified coaches offer a range of corporate or personal packages to help you stretch, grow and reclaim your mojo!

individual coaching for personal growth and development


Wellness Long Lunch Series

New! The Beyond Wellness Long Lunch Series is focussed on exploring physical and mental health wellness, resilience, and wholehearted living at an individual level. We’ve partnered with the lovely Jenny from Beyond Wellness to bring you delicious food, great company and hot topics designed to fill your heart! Sign up to our mailing list for the latest dates and topics.

Delivery Options:

  • Networking lunch


words from past clients

Dare to Lead™ for Educators was so inspiring. This is one of the best courses I have ever attended. It was powerful and changed my thinking around myself and our workplace.

Assistant Principal

Outstanding from the outset. Amazing content. Incredible two days that will reshape the way our team shows up with each other!

Telstra Leader

Thank you, Anna. Your heartfelt guidance, gentle stewardship and in-depth knowledge has helped me step into my arena without my old leadership armour. My new armour is courage!

Enterprise Change Leader 

It gave me perspective and helped me dive into my values. I learnt how to be generous, set boundaries and re write a new ending to my life’s story. 

Leanne, Rising Strong™ Retreat

From the moment I walked in I felt calm, safe and like I belonged. The retreat was the perfect blend of learning, love, an amazing soul food and a chance to just be. It was a life changing experience for me. 

Josie, Rising Strong™ Retreat

Coaching and working through my Facet5 profile was challenging but incredibly insightful. I now approach my team with new energy, confidence, and communication strategies. Thank you!

Small Business Owner, Coaching Participant

The power of vulnerability is what makes these sessions so impactful. With raw emotions, heartfelt confessions and hidden truths frequently uncovered, privacy and respect is of the uptmost importance. For this reason all feedback from participants is anonymous. 

corporate leadership training

Courage Catalyst and Director


Anna Ranaldo

Anna is Vavoom.  A dynamic facilitator that fuses presence, intellect with warmth an the uncanny knack to seeking out and naming elephants in the room. Her real superpower is the ability to connect leaders and teams to their courage whilst holding space for the bumpy terrain of personal and organisational change.

As a Dare to Lead™ Certified Facilitator, ICF PCC Executive Coach and PROSCI Certified Change Agent, Anna has worked with thousands of Leaders and Teams to shift culture, mindset and performance.  

corporate leadership training

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